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Filling and signing this form, I hereby authorize the treatment of my personal data. The data released by to Elle Group Srl (following Elle Group) can be submitted to treatment for finality of (by way of example and not exhaustive): promotional purposes (also organized and/or managed, totally or partially, by authorized third parts); dispatch of advertising and informative materials; proposals and special purchase offers; events and promotional initiatives; release of coupons and vouchers; market researches; clients profiling and management; other initiatives run by Elle Group srl for the Marina Galanti Brand, and other managed by Elle Group.
The data processing can be both digitally and physically ( including sms, email, messages on social media) according to the Italian law currently in force (D.Lgs 196/2003 and annexes). Data could be managed both by Elle Group and by external companies (Italian and foreign) named by Elle Group for the only purposes mentioned above and referred to activities connected to Elle Group and Partner Companies.
Legal representative of Elle Group, or a person nominated by him/her is the responsible of the processing of the collected data.
Signatory declares to be aware of his/her rights, protected by the Italian law D.Lgs. 196/2003, par. 7 that particularly particular allows you the right to ask Elle Group for information about your personal data processing; treatment, origin, the people data are shared with, to ask to update, to integrate, to upgrade, to cancel them. And the right to ask to Elle Group not to use these data for direct advertising.
You authorization for the use of your data is not mandatory. But if you might decide not to allow Elle Group to use your data, we wouldn't be able to provide you with the information for which those data are collected.
You can request further information writing to Elle Group Srl, Via del Cantone 31-35, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy; calling to +39 055 302 2994; sending a fax to +39 055 342 4744; or emailing to