Your bag your mood
“To create in Florence for the woman who's citizen of the world”. Savoir faire and care for details, search for originality and above all an extreme attention to the tastes,
the habits and the desires of contemporary women. Here is the philosophy that animates a brand which is sensitive, deeply Italian in its style while international in its modus operandi. A new way to intend the accessory. Handbags dedicated to the contemporary woman, always looking for change. A woman who's curious, witty, active, demanding and sometimes a little bit whimsical. But also romantic and passionate. Never banal. A woman that is many women, each one of them with her very special mood. And for each one of them Marina Galanti has the right handbag. To choose from different handbags – elegant, casual or trendy – made to be changed often, following the pace of life.
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